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Submitted on
October 8, 2012
Submitted with Writer


54 (who?)
_______ looked at the blackboard
  ignoring the flying paper balls that
 hit her back and the kicks on her back.

 Because the boy who sat behind her,
 Mathias Kohler didn't quite like her. Actually
 he didn't like _____ to that grade he was

bullying her. She tried to ignore
 it and staying in the locked classroom
 on recess and run home after school.

 But sometimes he asked the key from 
teachers and came in.
 And sometimes when she was running

 he came out of nowhere and camped her.
 Either way she always got hurt. 
Always when her dad asked if she wanted to

go swimming she needed to refuse because
 she didn't want to show the bruising on her
 back and stomach. 

One day when she was changing her shirt she
 felt something cold against her skin on her back.
 "who did this?" she heard her dad from behind. 

______ turned around and put down her shirt. 
"hehe im pretty clumsy aren't i?" _____ said nervously
 looking at her feet. "don't lie" her dad protested.

______ looked up from her so-interesting-feet and 
then slowly on her dad. "w-well there is a boy..." 
she said shyly. "name?" her dad asked. 

"Mathias Kohler" ______ said looking back to 
her so-interesting-feet. "and he lives where?" 
her dad asked. _______ looked up from her feet 

confused why he wanted to know that. " (random address)"
 ______ said looking back at her interesting feet.
 " bra (swe: good) now go sleep" he said 
then kissing ______'s forehead and walked away. 

Next day: 

_______ walked carefully around
 the school in case Mathias was
 angry at her because she told her dad.
 But she didn't see Mathias anywhere.

Actually she didn't see him at all that day.


_____ came home and she saw a note from her
 dad that he was off to work so she walked to her room.
 But when she passed her dads room she heard something.

'oh so my dad is still home' _____ trough but 
then she heard the voice better and it wasn't her 
dads it was Mathias. 

She opened the door but there wasn't anyone.
 She turned around to leave when she hers his
 voice again.
She turned around and started to look around.
 She passed the book shelf and the
 voice was pretty strong. 'Cliche' she

trough while pulling books out of the book shelf. 
Then there was a mathematics book
 (he knew you would never touch it xD) 

and when she pulled it the book shelf was
 drawn to the side. There was Mathias whit 
ropes in his hands and feet dried blood on his spiky hair.

______ looked at him shocked for a moment 
before she saw he was getting the knots away.
She ran away from the hidden room and to the hall.

She took something and returned.
When she was back Mathias was already
 free from the ropes.

Mathias POV:

I saw ______ come back but she had a twisted grin
 on her face and sent shivers down my spine.
 I started to walk to her when i saw a...

 baseball bat behind her back.
 I looked up at her she said "Never Again" and then she
 hit me whit it and everything went black.

Later at lunch _____'s POV:

I looked at my lunch and then my dad. 
"pappa?(swe: dad)" i said and he looked at me.
"m-Mathias tried to get away" he looked at me shocked.

"But i stopped him" i said looking at him.
 His lips turned to a smug grin before he
 looked back at food. I smiled the same grin as i ate my food.


I looked at the newspaper and 
i saw a article about that 
Mathias was nowhere to be found.
 I smiled a twisted grin.
 I knew where he was. 
We burned him 
down and planted him out
 in the sea so no one could find him.


I would LOVE to do an another Dark!Papa!CountryxTeen!Reader so if there is some country you think i should do comment here :D
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