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November 17, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and strong language)
Romanos P.O.V: 


-Romano's cursing

-A drunk France, i know you know what that means :(

I own EVERYTHING! except Hetalia...

I was walking to my favorite pizza place when i bumped into someone, a girl whit beautiful (h/c) and dim/dull (e/c) eyes. " Idiota ragazza! Look 

where you are going...and who the fuck's stick is-" i stopped there when i saw the rod that now was broken, it was one of those that blind 

people haw. "I-i'm so sorry ragazza" i said. "No problem, i haw an another home...but i...would appreciate  if you would help me get there." the 

girl said, she had such a beautiful voice and slightly a..(c/n) ascent. "s-si, i'm on my way to eat, i can buy to you to if you come?" i offered. 

"okay" she said happily, a little smile crept on my lips.

*Later ______'s P.O.V* 

"So...what do you like to do?" asked the boy. "I like to go to the cinema" i answered, knowing what he would say next. "Why? You 

can' know... dammit  you can't see, what's the fun!?" he asked, just like everyone. "I can hear the voices, and just like when you 

read, i can imagine it in my head" i said smiling.

*Romanos P.O.V*

'Shes quiet amazing' i thought  when we talked about different movies on the way to her house, she knew the way but she couldn't see the 

cars and stuff. And finally when we came to her house, i felt empty, i didn't want to leave her, not just yet. "Hey ragazza! Want to go to 

look at some movie tomorrow?" i asked feeling my cheeks heat up, at least she couldn't see it. "I'd love to" she said happily, and i felt a tint 

of happiness too. "How about i come pick you up at 6?" i asked, she just smiled and said 'okay' before saying god bye and closing the door.

*Next Day At 5:40 pm ______'s P.O.V*

'DIIING DOOONG' i heard from the door 'it must be him' i smiled. I opened the door, but it wasn't him. "Ohonhonhonhonnhonhon~ A 'elle 

dame~ I'm zo happy, i was just here near by and...well you will zee" said the man, he had a french ascent and smelled like wine . "I'm sorry 

but i'm waiting for somebody " i said and closed the door, but before it was closed something blocked the way of it. 'oh no' i thought as i 

tried to push the door closed, but after some time but not succeeding i ran as fast as i could to the living room, and hide behind my couch, 

i could hear him coming. He called around, and i hears something break, maybe a glass or a vase. I was so scared i didn't hear him come to 

the couch. "Ohonhonhon~ here you are~" he said and grabbed my waist and pulled me to to him, i froze of panic, i couldn't do anything, he 

was already inside and i had no idea what the clock was or when Romano was coming. He started to nibble of my shirt and soon he had it 

off and thrown somewhere. "HEEEEEELP!" i screamed, trying one last time to be saved. "No one will save you~" he murmured in my ear, 

before he sided down. I was ready to kick him in the face it he tried to take off my pants, but instead i felt the fabric of my shirt next to 

me. "Idiota bella ragazza! Take your shirt!" i hear Romano say. I was so happy that he came to save me. I just jumped up and hugged him, i 

was so happy. "Ti amo mia bella ragazza" he whispered sweetly in my ear, "What does that mean?" i asked him. "I...i...dammit i love you 

_____, you are the cutest, nicest and the most in depended woman i have ever meet, i fucking love you!" he yelled at me, i just smiled.

"Could you...kiss me, i don't really see where your lips are" i said, a little embarrassed. "Si" he said before his lips met mine.

PS. I would LOVE to do a epilogue , so just say if ANYONE want's <: )

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