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(name) was sitting on her desk that was next to her bff and crush Romano after class but she was getting bored so she looked around the 

class to entertain her but when there wasn't anything she looked at Romano a moment before asking "You can Italian, right?" Romano then 

looked at her looking bored but what else when he was doing math? "Si, why" he asked. "Well i want to play a game, i say different stuff and 

you say what comes first in your mind them whit one or two words in Italian, okay" (name) smiled sweetly and the teenager next to her, who 

also had a liking on her couldn't say no to her so they started the game;

"Tomato" (name) smirked, knowing the answer already.

"delizioso, delicious" Romano said in both English and Italian

"Potato" (name) then said

"Idiota potato bastard!" Romano said or more half screamed, not so happy

"And in Italian?" (name) asked

"Idiota patate bastardo" he said quickly 

"Okay lets see, how 'bout sunflowers?"

"Creepy ragazzo russo, c-creepy Russian guy" 

"I'm running out of ideas so...umm...(name)" (name) then said slightly blushing and waiting for the answer that seemed to take to long

"b-bella" He then said after a long pause

"In English?" (name) then asked but didn't get an answer so she asked it again and again until

"I said you are beautiful dammit!" he yelled blushing like he would be in a sauna
 ( :iconyayfinlandplz: Finnish ppl just needs to add that everywhere :XD: )

and it didn't take many seconds before (name) looked like that to.

"W-well i think you are 'bello' that's 'handsome', right?" (name) blushed.

Soon she felt two strong hands wrap around her and heard Romano say "And 'ti amo' means i 'love you'"

"I love you too" (name) said and smiled, it wasn't as boring to stay in class after school after all.
So i have no inspiration so if anyone have any ideas you could comment here, i don't like plots but a idea i could start whit would be nice, i give credit if i write it and put on dA to whoever gave the idea
But don't get mad if i don't use your idea <: (

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz
Story (c) *ZiraHZ
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Roronoa-D-Riku Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Funny! This reminds me of an episode of Perfect girl evolution with Kyohei..
ZiraHZ Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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ZiraHZ Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
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np ^^"
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