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Name: Helga Ingrid Oxenstjerna (formerly Køhler)

Real Age: around 1600

Languages: Danish, English and Swedish



Age: 18

Hair: Short, blonde


Height: 170 cm

Cup Size: C

Other: She has blue hairpins, before 1720 she had red ones



Skåne is  very friendly, most of the time cheerful and kind of childish and fierce.
She is also quite the rebel as well as bold and audacious.



There's a lot of horses in Skåne and she has three of them.

She isn't as heavy drinker like her brother but she sure does like her Vodka*

She had Sweden buy her a car after she moved out from his house, otherwise she's have  long way to walk to Copenhagen from her house in the infamous 'middle of nowhere' in Skåne. After that she have became somewhat interested in them.

'Middle of Nowheres'
she likes to travel around Skåne, whit her car or not, to look around the endless fields and the cute houses you can find in the weirdest places.

is an another place she likes, and travels to a lot.




her big brother
they are very close and sees him a lot. She has a lot in common whit him so they have a lot fun together. Sure she had her fights whit him a long time ago, but that is all forgotten now.

She doesn't like him so much...
The two of them have never com along that good. She is very different from Sweden, having her own traditions and usually doing things the 'danish' way have seemed to piss him off quite a lot sometimes.

Even if she doesn't have any direct history whit him, she has seen and talked to him sometimes in Swedens house.

She first met him 1028 (or something like that) when he and Sweden attacked öresund, after that she have spent hundreds of years under the same rule as him (both swedens and denmarks). They both seem to like fairy tales.

She doesn't really know him but has seen him at meetings and Denmarks place.

She has visited him when she was a viking a couple of times. She also had some not-so-legal business there for a long time ago *cough* smuggling *cough*



Even if there's magical creatures around her, she can't see them.

She was named by Denmark (her human name (Helga)) assuming that Vä was her capital and that it was a holy place (Helga = holy)

Skåne was arrested many times during 1658 - 1680 and Sweden needed to come and get her from jail many times, his boss saying that she should stay there. In other words she was a snapphane...or snappahona? ^^;

She had red hairpins until 1720 century when Sweden gave her new blue ones instead (because of the Swedification)

Out of the nordics Skåne was the most religious one (like before 1500) because when Denmark became religious he built many churches there (more than to the rest of Denmark) and the head of the Danish church was seated in Lund, Skåne for some time. Skåne was also the center of church and culture in north back then.

Skåne gets nervous around fire. That's because her cities/towns all have been burned to the ground at least once, some of them several times.

She moved away from Swedens house/apartment when the Öresund bridge was done (year 2000)

Denmark and Skåne visits each other quite often these days.

Skåne is slightly more tanned than Sweden.

She likes when people visits her.



From about year 400 Skånee was a country until it became a part of the danish kingdom 811. Between the 11th century and the 16th century the scanians rebelled against the danish kingdom 12 times because of various reasons, they even formed a autonomous Scanian kingdom 6 times. Other than that the scanians have been quite satisfied, having their own laws ( skånelagen ) and doing what they pleased. And 1180-1527, Scanian market becomes famous all over Europe because of the sea trading hundreds of ships coming to Skåne every year. 1568 Sweden and Denmarks kings sign the treaty of Roskilde, it says that Bornholm is going to Denmark but Skåneland to Sweden. Sweden also promised that Skåne would keep their laws, traditions and language, Sweden did not keep these promises tho. There was still some hassle about Skåne going to Sweden in 1660, both the Swedish and Danish kings wanting Skåne. France and England being on Swedens side while Holland on Denmarks, saying that it would be a threat to Copenhagen if Skåne would be a part of Sweden. In the end Skåne stayed as a part of Sweden tho. Nor Swedish or Danish military left Skåne before 1720 tho, and during that time harassing the local people. After that Sweden forbid any contact whit Denmark, as well as talking or publishing books in Danish. The Swedification then continues until this very day, but for the latest decades the scanians have started identifying themselves as scanians instead of swedes and been interested in their own history. Especially after the Öresund bridge was built and they could once again have contact whit the Danes.
i'm so good at titles :iconmingplz:
i added the history last night around two so yeah ._.
i just wanted to do a new bio since the last one is so terrible and i have done a looot of changes since then ; u ;


Special Thanx: ~lmbrake 


Skåne oc (c) ~ZiraHZ
Drwaing (c) ~ExelionStar
Hetalia (c) Hidekaz

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